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The 9th Annual Feeding the Homeless at Christmas in Pigeon Park December 22, 2014 6pm




 Halfway houses, recovery houses, recovery residences or sober living homes. The goal is the same: To provide recovering addicts and alcoholics with a safe and clean environment that requires minimal time and stress. Halfway houses bridge the gap from a drug or alcohol treatment facility back into a daily living routine. Being clean and staying sober after addiction treatment for the long term are two different things. Sober living facilities help addicts make this a smooth transition. 

Letter from the Executive Director - Please Help Support Us

Servant House focuses on quality halfway housing and what they offer the recovering addict or alcoholic. When seeking a room at a sober living home, the addict or alcoholic is advised to find a facility with proper licensing and accreditation and one that has a clear structure.


Rules and Guidelines of Servant House:

  • No mood or mind-altering substances are allowed on the property at any time.
  • Generally, you are allowed to come and go as you please, but you are not allowed to come onto the property under the influence.
  • You will usually need permission to bring people who are not tenants of the house into your room.
  • You must stick to your aftercare plan and attend any scheduled meetings, including 12-step meetings.
  • Cooking and cleaning.
  • Pursuing alternate housing for life after living in a halfway house.


 Contact Us to arrange sober accommodation at :


Sean: 604-720-9335


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